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Predict Financial Markets Through Astrology

Predict with astrology if the optimism of the planets Jupiter and Neptune give us a go ahead to take financial risks. Find out if it's a good time to invest or to wait a couple months. This is a post written by Lynn Hayes who is a well known astrologer. See Predict Financial Markets Through Astrology.


Nature Underfoot

Your feet are one of the most sensitive energy receptors on your body. Keeping your feet happy by creating an indoor environment that's suitable to keep you balanced is important, since your feet provide you with a solid and energized foundation. Deborah Norton shares with us a wonderful article about having your home feet friendly. See Nature Underfoot.

woman's feet

Yoga for Cancer

Sarah Burwick shares with us her personal journey through cancer, and how her yoga practice helped her experience her situation in a whole new light. An enlightening article written by Sarah who will continue to write for us on a weekly basis. See Yoga for Cancer.

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Reverse the Aging Process through Yoga

Practicing yoga separates and relaxes every cell in your body, giving your skin a beautiful glow. Your facial lines become softer and your physical appearance begins to look younger. Carmela Cattuti shares with us her experience how her yoga journey kept her feeling beautiful and in the present moment. Read about reversing the aging process through yoga in this wonderful article! See Reverse the Aging Process through Yoga.

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Sarah Burwick's Yoga Experience

As a gymnast, Sarah Burwick shares with us her yoga experiences, and how it helped her face certain challenges in her life. It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and still get up again! A very inspiring article. See Sarah Burwick's Yoga Experience.

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Magic Behind Number 26, Bikram Yoga

Mike Gossie found magic behind the number 26. He was suffering from aches and pains, and needed a solution. Bikram yoga is a 26-posture series that was designed to stretch muscles in a magical way. In this article, find out why Bikram Yoga is so good:) See Magic Behind Number 26, Bikram Yoga.

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What Yoga Means To Me

Lianne Raymond has contributed a wonderful experience of how yoga changed her life. It all started during her first yoga class, when she felt unfamiliar sensations throughout her body. Find out how she became addicted to the positive effects of yoga. A great read! See What Yoga Means To Me.

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Personal Yoga Experience

Dana Laquidara shares with us her personal experience with yoga, and how it helped her face the bumps and bruises of life. The practice of yoga helped make her aware of her true self. A great inspiring article! See Personal Yoga Experience.

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Are You Actually Healthy?

Being healthy is more than just the absence of illness or disease. The word health is derived from the work haelen, which means being whole or Wholistic. With this is mind, feeling fully alive mind, body and spirit is the secret to optimum health. Ron DeNardo shares with us a wonderful article about what it means to be truly healthy. See Are You Actually Healthy?

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As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.

Adelle Davis

Strengthen your Immunity with Yoga

Here are 6 yoga postures that when practiced daily, can help build a strong immunity. Certain yoga postures, such as inversions affect gravity and get your lymph flowing, (when your head is below your heart), with Downward Dog being one of them. Having a fully functional immune system is important for optimum health. See Strengthen your Immunity with Yoga.

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An Important Connection: Yoga and Veganism

Jennifer Clary shares with us a lovely article about how Yoga and Veganism are connected. Practitioners have studied this connection and claim that those who practice yoga on a regular basis should refrain from eating meat out of respect for the principles on which yoga is founded. See An Important Connection: Yoga and Veganism.


Feng Shi Anyone?

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice where an environment is structured or arranged to harmonize your living environment and make it auspicious. Ron DeNardo shares with us how the holistic practice of understanding and harnessing the forces of nature can benefit our overall health and well-being. See Feng Shi Anyone?

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