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Partner Yoga can be Sexy!

Being in a supported yoga posture with a partner can be sexy and can benefit you in many ways. You have the ablity to get creative in the postures and stimulate your senses. With so many benefits, physically, emotionally and spirituality, why not grab your sweetheart, ditch your date night at the movies and enjoy the endless possibilities of partner yoga. Get ready to delight your sensations in many ways!

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Radical Acceptance

This is an insightful article about a woman named Yvonne who is living with an abusive partner and is learning to deal with her situation that she can't run away from. A guest post written by Christopher Oliphant, who is life coach in Toronto.

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Downward Dog against the Wall with Laura

One of our new yoga girls, Laura, is demonstrating her favourite yoga posture in this video, Downward dog against the wall. It's actually a mirrored wall that she's using. It looks like there are twins doing partner yoga. This is definitely a pose worth trying on the wall.

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Downward dog against the wall video

Anusara Yoga

Here we are in 2009, and god is no where to be seen, god is dead! JC Peters writes about the loss of religious community and how our quest for finding god can be found through the practise of Anusara Yoga.

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5 Yoga Postures for Improved Sleep

I'm pleased to present you with a wonderful video of Kate McKinnon. She demonstrates 5 yoga postures that are great before bedtime to promote deep relaxation and help you fall asleep. Practicing yoga can create perfect harmony within your body and soul and promote a better quality of sleep. Sweet Dreams!

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Certain yoga poses can affect the nervous system and balance the hormones in your brain, which can normalize your sleep cycle. Practicing yoga postures improves blood circulation throughout the body, nourishing all your organs, tissues and nerves.

Yoga for Depression

We are constantly learning new things everyday and our brains collect knowledge that doubles every two years. With these new ideas, thoughts and information comes a loss of connection, meaning and purpose in our lives. With this loss, comes depression. We seem to have so much more knowledge and information, but we lost the true meaning of ourselves in the process. Depression is a feeling of separation from yourself and who you really are.


Through the practice of yoga, we learn that there is no separation. Every cell within our bodies is stimulated and in a state of bliss, which leads us into a state beyond happiness, and then we start to feel connected to all beings.

The Power of Meditation

I'm pleased to present a guest post written by: Geri Bryan about Meditation, it's benefits, and how you can experience yourself fully and allow your deepest potential to bloom. With regular practice you can remove negative thought and replace it with positive thought. Meditation can be very challenging at first, but has great rewards that are very worth while.


Encourage Happiness into your life

Everyone can describe feelings of true happiness in a different way. That's what makes us all unique. We spend all our lives trying to become happy in many ways. Some people succeed and some people don't.

Happiness can be found if you choose to pursue it. The key to always staying happy is to do the things that put a smile on your face. To constantly do things that make you feel like a million bucks, to surround yourself with positive people and to engage in hobbies that you are passionate about. This way, you're always adding happiness to your life.


Massage your feet to keep you grounded!

A foot massage is a very relaxing way to balance your root chakra, as well as your other chakras. There are secondary chakras on the arches of your feet that connect to your root chakra. This links the earth's energy to your own energy through your feet. Walking bare foot on natural ground like the grass or sand can also stimulate your foot chakras.

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Massaging your feet is very beneficial to increase blood circulation throughout your body. According to reflexology there are points on your feet that are linked to every part of your body. When you press or massage certain parts of your feet, you are then stimulating that organ on your body as well. So go ahead and enjoy a nice relaxing foot rub!

About LexiYoga!

As you all can see, I've taken great pleasure in adding yoga into my life and sharing it with you on LexiYoga. I've always felt an intense sense of calmness and relaxation throughout my mind, body and soul from the very first time I've ever tried yoga. It totally changed my life in many ways.


I learned that removing stress from your life and being balanced is the key to optimum health. Yoga can help make your life extraordinary by opening up your creative channels by removing negative thoughts. As long as one can breath, one can practice yoga. Be sure to read the essence of yoga article for more information.

I would say that yoga is definitely a way to reach a source of peace within yourself which will then draw positive people and events into your own life. I'm sure you've all heard that being around happy and peaceful people is quite contagious.

With this yoga site, my goal is to outline the many benefits of yoga in all aspects of your life, from eternal youth to improving your sleep. So enjoy!

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