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Access the power of the universe, work your chakras!

Your body and mind are in a state of optimum health when prana, life force, flows freely throughout your body, while your chakras generate energy within. This energy stems from your root chakra, bringing in the earth's energy all the way up to your crown chakra, which is your spiritual energy. Opening up your chakras can bring upon a deeper connection with yourself, those around you and a sense of wholeness and happiness, not just physical health.

balance chakras

Open up your heart, let your creative juices flow!

Did you know that your heart chakra stores an ample amount of creativity? The more you express yourself, the more you open up your heart. There are many ways you can be creative. The joy should come from the act and not necessarily from the finished product. You can bake a cake, plant some flowers or natural herbs in your garden, write a poem, play an instrument, sing or even build something from scratch. It's time you let your creative juices spill out. Remember, if there's no action, there's no juice!

heart chakra

Yoga twists for Detoxification!

Twists not only clear out the toxins in your body, but also clear out the clutter, negative thoughts and toxins from your mind. It's not always just about the physical. Detoxifying your body and mind regularly is important to keep you fresh, vibrant and youthful. Toxins can build up over time and cause ill health and disease.

seated yoga twist

Next time you're in a twist, think about what you want to get out of your system. Is it toxins in your body? anger? specific individuals cluttering your mind? It can be anything really. The focus of yoga postures including twists is to concentrate on the present moment and nothing else. If you do, then are on your way to happiness;)

Look younger with 6 yoga postures!

Want to have beautiful, glowing, healthy looking skin? Yoga is the answer. It's the natural solution to being a natural beauty with added benefits. Yoga increases resistance to diseases, removes toxins from your body, (twist poses) increases vitality, and provides elasticity and flexibility to the spine. It also corrects poor posture, (no more back pain).

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Yoga for Stress!

Stress is the feeling of being disconnected from the earth and forgetting to breath. Stress puts you in a state of ignorance. It believes that everything is so important and requires care like an emergency. The truth is: Nothing is as important. You just need to relax. Everyone adapts to life events differently. Some people tend to get stressed on a daily basis. Being stressed for a long period of time can weaken the immune system. Practicing yoga can help calm the nervous system, therefore repairing and healing the physiological effects of stress.


Earth Web: We are all connected!

There is a belief that what you send out into the universe comes back to you. If you send out positive thoughts and blessings, that's what will be sent back to you. Someone causing destructive behavior is actually harming themselves. They are failing to grow psychologically and spiritually and causing damage to themselves.

earth web

Clearing away negativity with Epsom Salts!

Ever feel that there are toxic thoughts, negative energy, and non positive people around your environment, which leaves you feeling drained and unbalanced? Taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath can help clear away these negative feelings and keep you grounded, as salt comes from the earth. Epsom salt also has cleansing abilities, which can help clear away negative energy that surrounds us and our auras, from others or from ourselves.

epsom salt bath

The Essence of Yoga!

I've been practicing yoga for many years and I've always felt amazing after taking a class, as my body and mind would become so calm and relaxed. It's not just in your mind and heart, but down to your fingertips. Every cell gets rejuvenated. You literally feel so alive!

Watch an amazing set of Yoga Poses.

lizard pose

The root of yoga is to still the mind without distraction and be in the present moment. While practicing yoga, you awaken the truth about yourself, and become aware of your soul, and that it's always there. There is one soul, therefore one consciousness. When you remember this, your suffering can dissapear.

Improve your sleep with yoga!

Ever since I started my yoga practice years ago, I've noticed that my sleeping habits got better and better. Not only is yoga a great physical workout, but it also keeps you relaxed and helps clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts and stress. Sometimes you can't sleep because you keep thinking a lot about the past or future. The root of yoga is to still the mind without distraction and be in the present moment.


It has been claimed that on average, for every minute you do yoga you will need one minute less of sleep. On that note, practicing yoga is an excellent time investment, not only for health benefits, but also for sleep.

Sweet Dreams Yogis!

Full Moon Madness!

The superstition about the effects of the full moon goes back centuries ago. People believe the moon has negative influences. There is a theory about the biological tides that tries to explain this. It states that the moon cycles cause an increase of ocean tides, (high waves for surfers), therefore also causing tides in the human body, since the body is made of about 80% water.

The word moon comes from the Latin origin, Luna. Many people point out that the words lunacy and lunatic go hand in hand. This includes heightened depression and possible suicidal attempts. This is why during the full moon, many incidents tend to occur. Some people report that more traffic accidents happen on full moon nights than on other nights.

full moon

Partner Yoga!

Partner Yoga can be advanced, but at the same time quite sensual. Doing yoga poses with your partner can help build trust and increase your emotional and spiritual connection. At first it may be hard to get your partner (guy) to try it, but once he sees the type of closeness and sexiness that it can bring on, he'll be more than likely to take an attempt. In the video below is a lovely series of partner yoga done by Agustin Aguerreberry from Ford Models. Enjoy!

Watch Partner Yoga video

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