Natural Herbs

Aloe Vera
Want youthful skin? You might be surprised that Aloe Vera can be your next beauty product! Did you know that it's full of vitamin C, E and zinc, and is useful to heighten enzymes and enhance immunity?
Have trouble falling asleep? Chamomile might be your answer, as it's a calming herb that's wonderfully relaxing. It's known to help with sleep disorders, nervousness and anxiety. You'll be having sweet dreams soon!
Are you using up your sick days often? Do you spend your winters sick in bed? Echinacea is an excellent herb to support the immune system and is known for relieving colds and flus. You'll feel healthier than ever!
If you're sailing out on a turbulent sea, then the power of Ginger might be your greatest thing onboard. Ginger is an extraordinary herb for any types of nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness.
If you want to restore that vital energy you had when you were a kid, then Ginseng is for you. It revitalizes, balances and strengthens the functions of your whole body.
Goji Berry
Goji Berries are a magical antioxidant! They are loaded with many minerals and amino acids that other foods don't have. Consuming them daily can prevent aging and prolong your life.
Grapefruit Extract
You'll love smelling like a Grapefruit! The scent can make women appear 6 years younger. Not only is Grapefruit extract effective against many types of bacteria, but it contains many antioxidants to give you eternal youth.
Do you suffer from restlesness, sleeping disorders or nervousness? If so, then this beautiful purple scented herb has an excellent tranquilizing effect that can keep you feel relaxed and calm.
Did you know that chewing on Licorice root can enhance your sexual appetite? The smell of Licorice is very stimulating and pleasing to women. It has been proven as an aphrodisiac!
Oil of Oregano is a powerful herb that can beat antibiotics! It has more antioxidants than apples, potatoes and oranges. It is known to have the most concentration of antioxidants per ounce than any other food!
Nothing invites a morning kiss better than having fresh sweet breath with a touch of energy. Scientific evidence shows that the aromatic Peppermint herb not only freshens breath but stimulates the body and mind.
Have a headache or migraine? Drink a cup of soothing Rosemary herbal tea, as it's just as effective as taking an aspirin. It is full of antioxidants and is also great for memory loss. So drink Rosemary for remembrance!
Sage was used centuries ago to promote a long life. The plant is full of antioxidants and can help improve brain function and concentration. It's loaded with antibacterial and antiviral properties. So grab some Sage tea to promote a healthy life!
St. John's Wort
Feeling sad, lonely or depressed? This yellow flower may be your natural answer to help increase the level of serotonin in the brain, which may help relieve symptoms of depression and put you back on cloud nine!
Are you suffering from insomnia? Are you tossing and turning in bed? If so, then Valerian is your answer! It has sedative qualities that can relax your nervous system and muscles allowing you to fall asleep like a baby.