Pranayama in Yoga to Sustain Health and Beauty

Most people have observed how yogis seem to be much more youthful looking than those who don't practice. Yoga Pranayama are breathing exercises meant to increase your vital force and may be the answer to sustain health and beauty. See Pranayama in Yoga to Sustain Health and Beauty.

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Start Your Day With Yoga

If you devote a little yoga time each morning, you'll be reaping many rewards all day long. Yoga is a way to combat anxiety, increase energy, and improve emotional stability overall. See Start Your Day With Yoga.

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Yogi to Keep you Grounded

On an energetic level, our sense of grounding comes from the root chakra (muladhara), also known as the base chakra. When this energy centre is flowing freely we feel connected, secure and grounded. See Yoga to Keep you Grounded.

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Yogi Surprise

I'm loving March's Yogi Surprise Lifestyle and Jewelry Box filled with yoga inspired items that are perfect for any yoga enthusiast. It's literally a retreat in a box. Check out my unboxing review. See Yogi Surprise.

yogi surprise

ecoYoga Mat

Walking on earth makes you feel grounded, try practicing yoga on a real organic surface... I recently had the pleasure to experience the ecoYoga Canada earth-conscious and ethically-produced yoga mat. It feels like you're walking barefoot on the earth. See ecoYoga Mat.

Eco Yoga Mat

5 Tips to Teach Prenatal Students

Carmela Cattuti shares with us 5 postures to encourage pregnant students to avoid. Keeping the baby safe while practicing yoga is important, and most yoga instructors need to be aware of this and accomodate accordingly. See 5 Tips to Teach Prenatal Students.

prenatal yoga

Why Meditation?

The goal of meditation is to increase the time of silent space between our thoughts, as most of our thoughts are about the past and the future. This will ultimately give us relaxation. See Why Meditation?

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