9 Yoga Poses for Digestion

Experiencing bloating and uneasiness after indulging in a heavy, high calorie meal is quite common these days. Here are some yoga poses that can help to improve and strengthen your digestion. See 9 Yoga Poses for Digestion.

yoga for digestion

Yoga and Love

Yoga and Love by Vish Iyer is a book on finding true love that's not superficial, but more of a soul to soul connection. If you change your inner and outer lifestyle with the yoga traditions of India, you can become a love magnet for attracting a soulmate. See Yoga and Love.

yoga and love

Five Tips for Parenting With Presence

Parenting With Presence by Susan Stiffelman invites parents to go on a journey to bring peace, joy and personal development to their day to day parenting style. Children can be your greatest teachers. See Five Tips for Parenting With Presence.

Parenting With Presence

The Magic of Music and Yoga

Music is the universal language of the soul. Combining music and yoga together can create a positive mood, stimulate memory and improve meditation. Find out the connection of the divine sound and yoga. See The Magic of Music and Yoga.

yoga music

Water Yoga for Depression

The practice of yoga can do wonders to help relieve depression symptoms. Going for a swim in the pool or ocean also has restorative effects on your mind. Here is a water yoga practice to help brighten up your day. See Water Yoga for Depression.

water yoga

Purusha People - Yoga Wear

I received a beautiful outfit from Purusha People. The cool thing about the top is that you choose your own element symbol. I chose earth, as I want to feel connected and grounded to the earth. See Purusha People - Yoga Wear.

Purusha People

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