Discovering Your Life’s Purpose Cures Insomnia

Research has found that developing your purpose in life, which could be enhanced through meditation and mindfulness therapy may be the solution to insomnia and other sleeping disorders, such as REM behavior disorder, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. See Your Life’s Purpose Cures Insomnia.

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Seasonal Vinyasa Tips for Fall

In the fall season, the Vata dosha becomes more predominant, which can take your physical, mental and/or energetic body out of balance. Melina Meza shares with us some seasonal daily ritual and vinyasa tips to keep you stable and grounded for fall. See Vinyasa Tips for Fall.

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Morrocco Method Hair Care

I received a starter package from Morrocco Method Hair Care, which amazingly nourish your hair completely chemical free. It's really like a raw food diet for your hair, as only nutritionally dense ingredients are used. Great for those looking to transition to all natural, by bringing out your natural hair beauty the way nature intended. See Morrocco Method Hair Care.

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Mahabis Yoga Mindset

Why are yoga teachers wearing these $100 slippers? Imagine an indoor and outdoor comfortable shoe all in one. A timeless classic that you can wear for many years. I'm loving these, as they are perfect for any yoga enthusiast. Mahabis is sharing with us how to bring the energy from the mat to your daily life... See Mahabis Yoga Mindset.

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Namaslay Box

I received a beautiful yoga care package from Namaslay Box. Nourishing goodies for your mind, body and soul. Each month you get a different box of stuff related to yoga and health. See Namaslay Box.

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Feng Shui Mommy - Become the Queen of Quickies

The book Feng Shui Mommy by Bailey Gaddis guides women to their balanced center and supports them in tapping into the primal energies brought forth in the birthing experience. The author Bailey is fairly certain that “new baby smell” is the most enticing aroma on Earth. See How to be friends with your Postnatal Body.

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How to be Friends with your Postnatal Body

Randi Zinn lays out simple tips to help moms go through the dramatic body changes that happen after their baby is born. She points out, "It starts with Mindfulness - bringing your attention to the moment, to your thoughts, and seeing them for what they are. In other words, you don’t have to “lose yourself” in emotions, but instead, observe what’s come up for you and simply be with it." See How to be Friends with your Postnatal Body.

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5-Minute Workout: Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga is one of the oldest practices in the world, with so many incredible benefits for health. According to a national survey, the regular practice of yoga can help people enjoy a better quality of sleep and prevent insomnia. See Yoga for Better Sleep.

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7 Truths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Imagine getting paid to do what you love, help others experience the benefits of yoga, and wear comfy clothing all day long! Just the thought of teaching yoga for a living puts you in a Zen state of mind. Yoga is more than just a 60-minute workout to you—it’s a lifestyle. See 7 Truths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher.

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