Yoga for Attractive Boobs

Yoga exercises with peculiar stretches can have a direct impact in improving breast shape and health. Yoga can help to streamline top-heavy silhouettes and give them a perkier shape. Find out which yoga postures can tighten and lift up your breasts. See Yoga for Attractive Boobs.

yoga inversion

Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga makes a stressful event a lot easier to handle, whether it's family or work. It also produces strong emotional benefits due to the emphasis on breathing and the interconnection of mind, body and spirit. See Yoga for Stress Management.

yoga for stress

Just Live Activewear

Just Live provides beautiful activewear that's fashion friendly, looks hot on the body and feels like second skin. I received the Sunset Lace leggings that are like a rainbow of color for your eyes. See Just Live Activewear.

Just Live Activewear

Yoga and Coping with Death

Death is so uncontrolled and so very inevitable. Yoga can help bring comfort when the tragedy of death comes into our lives, and empowers us with inner strength, focus and an innate sense of joy. See Yoga and Coping with Death.


Pranayama in Yoga to Sustain Beauty

Most people have observed how yogis seem to be much more youthful looking than those who don't practice. Yoga Pranayama are breathing exercises meant to increase your vital force and may be the answer to sustain beauty. See Pranayama in Yoga to Sustain Beauty.

yoga for beauty

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