Feeling Lonely? Yoga can Help Lift your Spirits

When you're feeling sad and lonely the world seems like a useless place to be in. Yoga is a great way to help you find peace and some stability to make better decisions. Yoga can definitely help you find more meaning in your life and lift your spirits. See Yoga for Lonliness.

yoga for loneliness

Unconditional Love

Another Valentine's Day is upon us – a day when it often appears that everyone else in the world has a perfectly happy committed relationship based in deep, abiding, and playful love. In other words, a day when most of us writhe in disappointment. See Unconditional Love.

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MegaFood Winter Wellness Giveaway

I received an awesome MegaFoods Winter Wellness Package, with lots of whole food supplements to stay strong and healthy this winter season. I'm loving the Vitamin C Booster Powder, as I add it to orange juice or to a vegetable smoothie in the morning. I like knowing that I'm taking an added boost of antioxidants and recharging my immune system. See MegaFood Winter Wellness Giveaway.

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Receive a Free MegaFood Winter Wellness Package

MegaFoods has offered to send out a free package containing all of the above supplements to one lucky reader. In order to win this amazing package, these are the following steps you have to take.

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The winner will be announced on Sunday February 7th.

5 Yoga Poses to Reduce Headaches

Having bad posture and a lack of oxygen can affect your respiratory system, which can cause muscle tension, resulting in headaches. Practice these poses daily to reduce and prevent headaches. See 5 Yoga Poses to Reduce Headaches.

yoga for headaches

Can Yoga Enhance Your Powers Of Attraction?

If you want to enchance your powers of attraction and attract positive opportunities into your life, then yoga can be your answer. With maintained focus, physical wellness and mental clarity you can achieve your desired goals, dreams and love. See Can Yoga Enhance Attraction.


Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

VIDEO - Wondering what to buy a yogi other than a yoga mat? See my top 10 recommended YOGA‬ Holiday Gift Guide 2015.

yoga holiday gift guide

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